Supporting Success of Your Business throughout the Year!

Shamballa Centre LLC specializes in providing consistent care and attention to clients throughout the year. If a stressor arises, the team entire team is at your disposal through Slack, a dedicated messaging and file sharing platform, to support you and your business.

All clients get monthly or quarterly assistance with bookkeeping along with live check-ins, if requested. Support is also provided with excise taxes, state licensing and payroll, and federal tax return preparation.

Every client has support through 

  • 24/7 team contact in Slack, with anywhere from immediate to 2 business day response times 
  • Quickbooks Online monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services and support
  • Patriot Payroll Services, if needed

and additional services that include

  • Quickbooks Online setup and cleanup
  • State excise tax preparation, problem resolution, audit and other support
  • Federal tax preparation, problem resolution, audit and other support
  • State business license applications and renewals, and annual report preparation
  • Quarterly or Year-End Federal tax estimates, if needed
  • Reasonable Compensation reports for S Corporation shareholders and other employees, if requested

Business advisory services are always at your fingertips, with benchmarking, human resources, and other business consulting being available at all times to you. All clients have 100% access to our articles and best-practices, as well as business and tax law updates.

For more information about these services, email or call our office at +1 (360) 399-7287.


This firm was recommended to me and I am so pleased! They provide great customer service, detailed, efficient, and are very professional. It has taken so much off my plate.

  • Payroll
  • taxes
  • licenses
  • profit loss statement
  • Bill paying

I’ve been able to focus on sales and buying, and it is paying off!

Can’t thanks these women enough!

 - Melinda Wilkes